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Wood Prairie Farm News Digest #110
1a. Top U.S. Attorney Slams Federal Judge - 07.19.14
Wood Prairie Farm. Facebook meme.

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1b. Wall Street's Top Cop's Harsh Words for Federal Judge that Ended His Win Streak – 07.18.17
Fox Business. Charlie Gasparino.

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2. Fine Print of the Food Wars – 07.16.14
The Asian Age. Essay by OVM plaintiff Vandana Shiva.

3. President Obama: Don't Let the USDA Undermine the Governance and Integrity of Organic Food and Agriculture – 07.16.14
We The People.

4. Is Engineered Food Toxic or Just Depleted of Essential Nutrients? - 07.13.14
Dailey Courier Mobile. Dr. Thierry Vrain.

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5. Monsanto's Herbicide Linked to Fatal Kidney Disease Epidemic: Could It Topple the Company? – 07.10.14
Trouthout. Jeff Ritterman, M.D.

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6. Why Does Europe Hate Genetically Modified Food? 07.06.14
Rappler. Eric Randolph.

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7. The Top Ten Reasons GMOs are Not Patriotic – 07.03.14
Althealth Works. Nick Meyer.

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